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There is a beautiful and exotic region in Europe, right in the centre of the continent, and at the same time on its periphery. This is the Lublin Region, an area for centuries at the cultural crossroads of East and West, combining the traditions of Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Judaism, as well much more oriental ones: Greek, Armenian, Tartar ...

Representatives of those nations once inhabited the ideal Renaissance city of Zamość, due to its exceptional architectural features called the Padova of the North. They also contributed to the growth of Lublin, the first city of the region and still the largest municipality of Eastern Poland, as well as its chief scientific and cultural centre.
A landmark of the former multiethnic and multireligious past is the Holy Trinity Chapel at the Lublin Castle, a world-class monument combining Western Gothic architecture with Byzantine-Ruthenian wall paintings.

The Lublin Province, already 530 years old, is a region of clean, unpolluted nature (proctected in 2 national parks and 17 landscape parks), vivid country traditions and crafts, as well as magnificent monuments of the past, not to be found elsewhere. In their number are the continent’s unique subterranean chalk passages of Chełm, the museum of palace interiors in Kozłówka or the country’s oldest monastic complex at Jabłeczna.
To get to know the beauty of the Lublin Region and delight in its inimitable climates and flavours, it is best to come here for a little longer, to have plenty of time for long walks, cycling excursions, or maybe even a riding holiday. Only then could one see at close range the country’s most extensive peatbogs in Polesie, feel the strength of the majestic firs and beeches in Roztocze, or let oneself be carried away by the magic of the quiet, nostalgic Pobuże.

We invite you to the Lublin Region!

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